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The Financial Services Department provides support to students who need financial assistance to pay for tuition expenses at the school. The Financial Services Department has established procedures that assure all applicants' fair and consistent treatment.

The student has sole responsibility for the cost of their education and for obtaining financial assistance Larkin School of Nursing considers tuition and fees to be the total cost of attending the school. Each student is responsible for correctly completing all applications and processing paperwork. If the student does not receive financial assistance while in school, the student will be held accountable for all tuition and fees due to Larkin School of Nursing. Students should make an appointment with the Bursar to discuss their financial assistance needs and available financial assistance options.

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Phone: 305-284-7723



Private Education Loans
Private education loans are available to all qualified students through Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan  and iHELP. Application is completed online through each lender’s website. Private Education Loans are based on the creditworthiness of the borrower and/or co-borrower.
The Institutional loan is offered by Larkin Community Hospital to a student applying for the Associate of Science in nursing degree if he/she is denied through Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan  or  iHELP. The student must make a down payment and minimum monthly payments as per the financial agreement. Payments are due on the 1st of each month. Students have a grace period of 10 days to fulfill the payment. Students will be considered defaulted on the 11th day of the month.
All loans must be repaid. For more information, contact the Financial Services Department.

Exit counseling
All students about to graduate will receive counseling from the Bursar concerning their loan repayment obligations.

Late Payment
If a student fails to make any payment before 5 pm on the 10th of the month, the student will be charged a late fee of $ 10.


Collections Policy
Students with a past due balance will not be allowed to register for future semesters receive grades, transcripts, or diplomas until the balance on their student account is paid in full or up to date. Former students who have unpaid delinquent balances are not eligible to re-enroll or receive academic transcripts until their balances, including all fees, if applicable, are paid in full.

When a student leaves or withdraws from Larkin School of Nursing (LSN) with an unpaid balance, the account becomes delinquent. Larkin School of Nursing performs pre-collection outreach in-house before assigning accounts to a collection agency.

After a student leaves or withdraws from Larkin School of Nursing with an unpaid balance, Larkin School of Nursing will send the student a billing statement for the entire debt. Students are given 90 days to contact the Bursar’s Office to set up a payment plan to pay monies owed. If the debt is still unpaid or an arrangement has not been made after this time, the account will be assigned to a collection agency. The student will be responsible for all collection, attorney, and other fees associated with efforts to collect on monies owed.

A student account may be referred to collections if it meets one or more of the following:
Past Due balance not paid 90 days after bill date when all reasonable follow-up efforts have been exhausted through phone calls, emails, and/or mail.


Refund Policy
Please refer to the Larkin School of Nursing Catalog.

Refund Calculation
Please refer to the Larkin School of Nursing Catalog.


Tuition, Fees, and Other Costs 

Tuition at Larkin School of nursing is based on the total number of credits taken per semester. All charges are applied to the students account at the time of registration. The cost per credit can be found in the tuition, fees, and other costs below.

The tuition fee schedule at Larkin School of Nursing has been calculated on a per credit basis and is subject to annual review and modification.

Tests, Supplies and Special Fees
Students are required to wear the school uniform with the Larkin School of Nursing logo to all laboratory and clinical rotations. Students are required to furnish their own personal supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks, calculators, dictionaries, a lap top or I pad, and tape recorders if permitted.



Students are encouraged to visit the following scholarship sites for additional financial assistance:

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